• Baldense Viaggi SRL - Via San Giuseppe Artigiano 19, 37010 Costermano (Vr)

Baldense Viaggi was born in 1979 from the passion for coaches and tourism shared by its two founders, Luigi Consolati and Dario Castellani. The first years of activity were tough, but thanks to its professionalism and passion for work the company has grown day after day, earning the trust of clients and providers alike.

Today, the Baldense Viaggi group, with legal headquarters in Costernano, is a leading company in the sector of transportation of people, and can boast a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet thanks to its constant seriousness and passion, as well as continuous investments. Our organization can count on a young, dynamic and constantly updated staff, capable of satisfying any type of request or information by providing all sorts of tourist services. Baldense viaggi is chosen not only by those looking for a competitive price, but also, over all, quality and professionalism.